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Pro-Life Issues 

Consider the following:

  • Did you know over 60+ million innocent lives have ended in the hands of the abortion industry, since the legalization of abortion in 1973

  •  1 unborn child's life will end to abortion every 97 seconds 

  • 67% of Children with Down Syndrome are aborted just in America because they have DS  


The most greatest injustices against humanity are those that take the rights of vulnerable humans; our brothers and sisters who can’t fight for themselves. Pro-life issues are topics that are not comfortable to acknowledge or speak of, however the reality is that abortions are taking the life of our most defenseless. We must spread the awareness that will hopefully spark action against these wrongdoings.  


The abortion industry often aims to cover the truth on what abortion really is, the ending of a human life. Our Pro-Life presentations simply seek to bring light to this truth. Voices for Life will continuously aim to unmask abortion and expose the reality.


We are flexible and will adjust presentations to best fit your needs and audience. Join us in ending this human life injustice, and schedule a presentation today!

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