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FREE, Great Pro-Life Training Comes To Visalia

From Debate to Dialogue

Presented by Justice for All in partnership with Voices for Life, this seminar will be held at First Christian Church, in Visalia, on Saturday, August 24th from 8:30am-5:00pm.


From Debate To Dialogue seeks to reshape the conversations that are being held between pro-life and pro-choice people and will teach those who attend to listen well, ask good questions and share their views in a convincing way. Participants will also be taught how to respond to some of the most common and strongest pro-choice arguments to date. It is amazing to see how equipped each person who attends feels by the end of the training.


This workshop also allows attendees to put what is learned into practice. Participants are invited to come out to College of the Sequoias on August 26th and/or 27th to engage in conversations with students on campus. This is a fun day, and a wonderful opportunity to be able to change minds, and lives. It always surprises those who come, how confident they start to feel after talking with people.


Reserve your spot today by filling out the form below, or for more information call  (559) 732-5000, or email Registration will close August 17th. 

FREE, So Sign Up Now!

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